Nagao Natural Environment Foundation
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Founded in 1989, the Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting nature conservation in developing countries.
Project at a Glance
Publication of 'Practical guide to the butterflies of Bogor Botanic Garden'
Grantee : Djunijanti Peggie
Country : Indonesia
Organisation/Institution :
Entomology Laboratory, Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, Zoology Division, Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Year : 2005
Approved amount :
980,000 Japanese yen
Category : Publication Programme
Some ecological aspects of Sulawesi Crested Black Macaque Macaca nigra at
Trangkoko-Batuangus Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Grantee : Saroyo
Country : Indonesia
Organisation/Institution :
Biology Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Sam Ratulangi University
Year : 2006
Approved amount :
980,000 Japanese yen
Category : Research Grant Programme
What's New
Guideline for Research Grant Programme 2013 is available (For more detail, please click here) (2013.01.16)
Guideline for Publication Programme 2013 is available (For more detail, please click here) (2013.01.16)
Our office will be closed from 29 December 2012 to 3 January 2013 for New Year's Holiday. (2012.12.27)
New Guideline for Research Grant Programme is available (For more detail, please click here) (2011.12.28)
New Guideline for Publication Programme is available (For more detail, please click here) (2011.12.28)
Research Grant scheme
New project approved (Hari Sutrisno, Indonesia) (2011.07.27)
New project approved (Daniel Pamin, Malaysia) (2011.07.27)
New project approved (Ranil Haddokara Gedara Rajapaksha, Sri Lanka) (2011.07.27)
New project approved (Truong Quang Nguyen, Vietnam) (2011.07.27)
New project approved (Ramadhani Eka Putra, Indonesia) (2011.07.27)
New project approved (Nguyen Thi Phuong Trang, Vietnam) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Atik Retnowati, Indonesia) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Agus Nuryanto, Indonesia) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Minh Duc Le, Vietnam) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Vu Thi Thanh Tam, Vietnam) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Avakat Phasouysaingam, Lao PDR) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Kanchan Thapa, Nepal) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Djunijanti Peggie, Indonesia) (2011.01.14)
New project approved (Khuat Dang Long, Vietnam) (2010.12.27)
New project approved (Lila Nath Sharma, Nepal) (2010.08.20)
Scholarship Scheme
The NEF Vietnam Scholarship Programme 2008-2009 supports 47 Masters students. (2009.05.12)
The NEF Myanmar Scholarship Programme 2007-2008 supports 20 postgraduate students and 31 undergraduate students. (2009.05.12)
The NEF Lao PDR Scholarship Programme 2008-2009 supports 92 students. (2009.05.12)
The NEF Indonesia Scholarship Programme 2008-2009 supports 155 students. (2008.11.12)
The NEF Scholarship Programme in the Philippine 2008-2009 supports 36 undergraduate students and 4 masters students. (2008.07.31)
Comprehensive Programme
for Conservation Research and Activities