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Biodiversity Conservation Activities in Myanmar

The purpose of the project is to create the environment necessary for training human resources to support biodiversity research in Myanmar. For that purpose, we supported the dissemination of specialized tools necessary for biodiversity conservation research, trained and guided young researchers through collecting basic information on familiar organisms, and provided environmental education to foster leaders in natural environment education. The program was promoted in collaboration with local elementary schools and universities.

For the dissemination of specialized tools, most of specimen collection and management products are expected to be procured locally, and thus we have created a document describing the drawings and suppliers related to the production. After the project was completed, the University of Forestry and Environmental Science took over the activities to disseminate specialized tools and established a dissemination system.

In the training and guidance of young researchers, we provided guidance on survey methods, specimen processing, handling survey data and guidance on management methods to faculty members of Dagon University. As a result, it became possible to collect biological information only at the university, and the faculty members of the university created a research manual summarizing the contents of technology transfer through activities.

In support for the development of leaders in natural environment education, in order to promote the dissemination of environmental education program jointly developed with Yangon University of Education, we have created a booklet summarizing methods and examples so that other people involved in education universities can also practice the program. We also created a booklet that introduced small animals that are familiar to us in school playgrounds and city parks as teaching materials for learning about creatures in elementary schools, and distributed them to elementary schools and educational institutions.

In December 2019, the final year of the program, a symposium was held in which each university reported the results of three years with the participation of the government agencies. At the symposium, we distributed a biological research manual and a booklet on environmental education programs compiled through the activities of this project to the participating faculty members and university students, and exhibited the produced specialized tools; in this way, we worked to disseminate and enlighten the project results.



Participating Organisations

Myanmar Dagon University, Yangon
University of Forestry and Environmental Science, Yezin
Yangon University of Education, Yangon
Japan Japan Wildlife Research Center


Main Activities

  • The training and guidance to young researchers (survey methods, specimen processing, and survey data handling).
  • Environmental education in collaboration with Yangon University of Education and local elementary schools.
  • The dissemination of specialized tools for specimen collection management.



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