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Prospectus for Establishment

November 1989

In recent years, global warming and other problems associated with the rapid progress in human activity have been attracting a great deal of attention. On the other hand, the deterioration of the natural environment, which is fundamental to the survival of the human race, is becoming a concern worldwide as a global environmental problem, including the decrease in tropical forests, desertification, and the extinction of wildlife species.

The situation is grave in developing countries, especially in Asia-Pacific nations which have strong ties with Japan. The decrease in tropical forests and the subsequent problems in the natural environment and ecosystem, including the decline of wildlife species, are being experienced all over the world.

Due to insufficient funding and lack of experts, however, surveys and research have not been conducted sufficiently in Japan nor in the affected countries, including identifying the current situation and forecasting the impact based on scientific knowledge which would serve as the basis for tackling these problems.

Taking an active approach towards solving these problems, which have a major socioeconomic impact not only on developing countries but also on Japan, will be an extremely crucial task for our country in the context of contributing towards the international community, considering that Japan is deeply involved in the environmental problems of developing countries.

The Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF) is established with the mission to contribute towards protecting the natural environment on a global scale, including the precious natural environment remaining in developing countries, by financially supporting surveys and research aimed at conserving the natural environment and ecosystem in developing countries in accordance with trends in international cooperation, and by training survey and research staff.

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